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Turning The Tables. :Trade: by lizardman22 Turning The Tables. :Trade: by lizardman22
Lorenzo and Balthazar looked about the empty campsite, and set their bags down. Lorenzo sighed.
"This place is deserted," he said to his friend.
Balthazar nodded excitedly.
"Yeah, I told you Lorrie," he exclaimed. "No one comes here because it's haunted. And because tonight's Halloween, we're bound to get some action."
"You said the same thing about that mansion last year, Bal," Lorenzo replied, rolling his eyes.
It was the same thing every Halloween. Balthazar would get a 'hot tip' about a haunted or spooky place, and drag Lorenzo there to check it out. And as always, it would turn out to be an elaborate plan of the bobcat's to try and scare his friend. Still, Lorenzo couldn't be mad at Balthazar. His friend put a lot of effort into his scares, and truth be told, it was becoming a rather fun tradition between them. With the sun quickly setting, Lorenzo and Balthazar quickly set up their tents and made a small fire for light and warmth.

Balthazar popped a marshmallow into his mouth and chuckled.
"I'm telling you, Lorrie," he said, "something will happen. There are ghosts all over this place."
"You'll excuse me if I don't believe you," Lorenzo said with a wry smile.
It had been an hour or so since they made camp, and Lorenzo was on guard. He was sure that Balthazar would try his scare any moment now.
"Come on, Lorrie," Balthazar chuckled. "Lighten up. I promise you..."
The bobcat trailed off as a sound reached their ears. It almost sounded like a moan. Balthazar looked about.
"Did you hear that?' he asked.
"I didn't hear anything," Lorenzo replied.
Balthazar stood up.
"I swear I..."
The moaning sound came again, echoing across the campsite. Balthazar eyes went wide.
"Lorrie, Look!"
Lorenzo stood up and looked in the direction Balthazar pointed. A scruffy figure stood amongst the brush. Slowly, with an awkward, shambling gait, it made it's way towards them. It looked like a female lizard, but she was covered in scars and blood, her cloths torn, and one eye glazed over.
"It's a zombie!" Balthazar cried out, his voice filled with shock.
Lorenzo sighed.
"Nice try, Bal. But you'll have to do better than that this year."
"No, no," Balthazar stammered. "This isn't my doing. I swear it, Lorrie."
The bobcat turned to run as the horror shambled closer and closer. Lorenzo shook his head. He walked over to the 'zombie' and looked it in the eyes, ready to call his friend out on the prank. Balthazar paused and watched, horrified that the inflator snake wouldn't believe him that he wasn't responsible. He was about to shout out a warning when suddenly the zombie attacked, grabbing Lorenzo and dragging him to the ground. Lorenzo screamed and writhed as the zombie lowered it's head and began to chew on his neck. Balthazar cried out.
He sank to his knees, his body refusing to believe that he had just witnessed his best friend die.
The sound of laughter slowly reached his ears and Balthazar frowned. The zombie was laughing. So was Lorenzo. Balthazar was confused. He watched as the zombie stood up, helping the inflator snake to his feet. With a smile, the zombie wiped her face and smiled.
"Hi Bal. Did we give you a good scare?"
Balthazar blinked, finally recognizing Lorenzo's girlfriend, Samara Screens, under the makeup.
Lorenzo chuckled.
"We got you good, Bal."
"But... How?"
Sammie held up a smartphone.
"Lorrie hid this in the bushes earlier for me to climb out of," she explained.
Balthazar shook his head, the fright wearing off. After all these years of scaring Lorenzo, his friend had finally pulled one over on him.
"Don't you ever do that again," Balthazar said laughing and hugging his friends. "That was pretty awesome though."
Lorenzo slapped the bobcat playfully across the shoulders and smiled.
"Happy Halloween, Mate..."

My part of a trade with :iconsonicinterface:. This time we used a Halloween theme for our works.

Balthazar, Lorenzo, and Samara belong to :iconsonicinterface:
sonicinterface Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Once again you surprise me, yet stay true to the request.  Great job all around.
lizardman22 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks Mate :)
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