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Fire And Ice :Collab: by lizardman22 Fire And Ice :Collab: by lizardman22
The trees and grass were decorated with burn marks and bits of frost, showing evidence of the battle between Vapour the Icewolf and Stoke the Phoenix. Again and again the duo traded blows as they wrestled across the landscape.
Stoke managed to pin Vapour to the ground, but the wolf wasn't defeated just yet. With a surge of effort, she flipped them both over, leaving him sandwiched between her and the ground.
A second later, the faint scent of smoke reached the icewolf's nose. The phoenix's aura of heat had started a grass fire. Her eyes wide, Vapour instinctively abandoned her advantageous position and ran circles around the fire, using her aura of cold to contain and extinguish the flames.
Then a kick from Stoke's foot brought Vapour's attention back to the fight. Although she'd gained little from the incident, it had given her an idea.
Suddenly shoving the phoenix aside, Vapour darted for a nearby river and jumped. She landed in the center, the water freezing under her influence just in time to give her something solid to land on. Then she ran back and forth, freezing the river and damming the flow as effectively as possible.
Stoke's jaw dropped. He couldn't let the river stay that way; the damage to the environment would be too great. He flapped his wings and glided straight for the frozen area, circling over it and using his aura of heat to thaw the ice.
He was so focused on the ice that he didn't notice where Vapour was. He found out pretty quickly when she slammed into him with a tackle, forcing him into the water. Steam filled the air as he struggled, but his flame was extinguished and he wasn't going anywhere. He had no choice.
"I surrender... I surrender!"
And with that, the tension was gone. Vapour backed away and let Stoke climb out of the river. The two shook hands.
"Good match, lady. We've got to do this again sometime."
And with that, the phoenix and icewolf parted ways. Vapour smiled to herself, wondering how many more such clashes she would have in her lifetime. The forces of fire and ice had to test each other constantly, so they would both stay sharp and strong...

A collaboration done with :iconsonicinterface: who wrote this wonderful story.
If you like/fave this picture and story, please let :iconsonicinterface: know too as it wouldn't have been possible without his contribution :) (Smile)

Icewolves, Vapour, and Stoke belong to :iconsonicinterface:
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sonicinterface Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
Fantastic job.  I can always count on you to bring out the best of any collab story I write.
lizardman22 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks Mate. I have a lot to work with thanks to the detail you put into your stories.
sonicinterface Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
Is that why you always refer to them as "wonderful"?
lizardman22 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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